A number of questions get asked all of the time. Please review these questions and answers to see if we’ve already answered your question.

Question: How do I join the Oklahoma Vegetation Management Association (OKVMA)?

Answer: Contact one of us by email, telephone or in person, to let us know that you want to join. The OKVMA Director for your particular area of interest or business type may be a good place to start. That Director will be the person representing your Industry in OKVMA, so it may be good to get to know him/her anyway. Each member pays for their membership through Conference Vendor or Participant fees. If you pay the fee to attend one OKVMA Conference, you’re then a member of OKVMA for one year. However, each Conference will have a fee for participation. A “Membership” gets you on the mailing list, and allows you one vote at any General Membership Meeting (Conference) held in that year. To continue your membership, participate in another Conference the next year. A method of joining OKVMA without attending a Conference is in place, if you would like to join to help support the OKVMA, but have no need to attend the Conferences. You basically pay the Participant Fee without participating. Contact any OKVMA Officer or Director for more information.

Question: Is the OKVMA part of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry (ODAFF)?

Answer: No. Although the OKVMA works very closely with the ODA, they are two are separate entities. The purpose of the OKVMA is two-fold; to provide training, information and access to CEU credits for Oklahoma Pesticide Applicators (primarily those certified in category 6 – Right of Way), while making every effort to relay the needs of Pesticide Applicators back to the Department of Agriculture.

Question: I already have an Oklahoma Certified Pesticide Certification Card, do I need to attend the Pre-Study/Review Session?

Answer: No. The Pre-Test Study/Review Session is for those individuals that are preparing to take the ODAFF Exam for their first Certification, or to renew an expired Certification.

Question: How does the OKVMA work?

Answer: The Oklahoma Vegetation Management Association is a voluntary group comprised of a cross-section of Vegetation Management Professionals in the State of Oklahoma. The Conferences are paid for by ExhibitorFees paid by companies participating at the conference, and by the individual Participant Fees paid by those attending to receive CEU Credits.

Question: How many Continued Education Units (CEUs) do I have to have to stay current?

Answer: You must earn 15 CEUs during the 5-year cycle.

Question: How many CEUs can I get per year?

Answer: You can earn no more than 7 credits per category per year.

Question: How do I find out how many CEUs I have and/or need?

Answer: You must contact ODAFF directly at 405-522-8958.

Question: How long do I have to keep my application records?

Answer: Application records must be kept for 2 years.

Question: What can I do if I still have more questions?

Answer: Please reach out to the OKVMA at anytime. Message us on Facebook or email us at [email protected].